While Driveclub initially seemed like a disaster, it has had quite the journey, and is now a surprising success story. Evolution Studios has updated the game a ton since its October 2014 release, and today it got even more content with what the studio is calling the “March Update.” The update, which is version 1.27 of the game if you’re keeping track, ups the level cap for the game, and sets the stage for a new expansion pack set to release later this month.

The biggest gameplay change is that the Cheshire, England based developer has changed the way that scoring is calculated in Drift Mode. The new scoring system was explained on Evolution Studios’ official Facebook page. “Fast and precise drifts now earn much bigger scores,” said the developer. “Going off track, driving slowly or colliding with walls will result in a penalty to prevent exploits.”

Since that’s a substantial change, all the Drift Mode leaderboards will be reset in the coming days to ensure that Driveclub provides “a level playing field.” Players will have another incentive to replay these stages as level caps have also been raised in the racing game. Elite Levels have been raised by 25, bringing the total to 60. While both Driver Levels and Club Levels have been changed to where the new cap is 120.

The developer also mentioned that gamers will get access to a new superbike, Aprilia RSV4 RF ABS, for free on March 22. Check out that bike below:


The latest update is a relatively light download as players will only need 300 megabytes free to download it. That said, it brings the grand total size of all the patches up to 13.5 gigabytes. That’s a lot of added content, and it shows how much Evolution Studios has changed about the game post-launch.

More content is coming to Driveclub March 22, as two new expansion packs are released. The Finish Line expansion will feature 6 new events where players can earn 5 new trophies. They’ll also be able to give 2 new cars (the Koeniggsegg Regera & Jaguar XJ220) a spin. Meanwhile, Driveclub Bikes will also receive a MV expansion. Like its car counterpart, it’ll feature 6 events, 5 Trophies and 2 new vehicles. Aspiring bikers can purchase it to ride the MV Agusta Brutale 1090 Corsa & MV Agusta F4RC in-game.

It’s great to see even more events coming to what is already a content filled game. Evolution Studios have done a good job recovering from a rocky launch, and this kind of post-launch support has been appreciated by Driveclub‘s fans. The new patch can be downloaded right now, and two new expansions release on March 22.

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