Duck Game Splash Screen

When Duck Game first came out on the Ouya, the title rapidly became players’ favorite, and one of the most popular games on the little Android-powered console. So, Landon Podbielski, the man behind the original Duck Game, decided to work on a PC port for his creation. The PC version of this game is still in beta and should be available on Steam on June 4th, 2015.

Duck Game DM
Armed Ducks fighting each other in space are a thing we don’t see every day.

The key gameplay mechanic of this game sees up to four players, in either couch or online multiplayer, controlling ducks as they fight each other in a deathmatch competition for fame and glory. Duck Game features over 50 weapons, ranging from handguns and rifles to more unconventional ones such as bananas, giant death rays, saxophones, and magnet guns; and over 50 unique maps that players can annihilate their enemies on, each complete with its own background and soundtrack.

Customization is another prominent feature in Duck Game, as players decide to enter the Arcade Mode, a collection of single player challenges that, once completed, will reward them with tickets to spend on upgrades for their ducks, new items, special gameplay modifiers, and, of course, more than 35 different hats.

Quack to annoy the hell out of your friends

Matches quickly tend to become frenetic in Duck Game, where each shot counts, and quick reflexes and agility mean the difference between being a champion and a delicious, roasted dinner, especially when using flamethrowers and roman candles. This makes the game great when looking for something to be played with friends over a beer and a few slices of pizza.

The game also includes a quacking button, which is supposed to be used to celebrate one’s victory, but it’s clearly designed to be spammed, and to annoy the hell out of enemies and friends alike.

The Arcade Mode provides a great variety of challenges going from target missions, where players have to complete a set amount of tasks before the timer runs out; to more difficult agility tests such as the Chainsaw Races, which see players running around armed with a chainsaw; the Swing Challenges, and the ever-fresh Variety Zone, which includes various challenges and unlockable levels. Each challenge is rated gold, silver, or bronze based on the player’s performance. And a different number of tickets will be given out as a reward. The Arcade Zone is built as a classic arcade, with different machines that allow access to the challenges. Completing a machine unlocks new ones, providing an ever-increasing level of difficulty.

duck game opening
Duck Game will soon be ready. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

Being in beta, Duck Game has some rough edges that need to be smoothed out, one of the biggest ones being the matchmaking system. It claims to be looking for games on the moon, and plays a “matchmaking song” that, alone might be worth buying this title for, but the system still struggles with finding opponents of the appropriate skill level and will sometimes match players with opponents from the other side of the world, resulting in laggy and hardly enjoyable games. The developer is actively working on polishing this game prior to release and, in tune with the funny and comedic atmosphere of his creation, asks everyone to bear with him as he goes through this process.

All in all, Duck Game is a promising title which surely deserves to be observed as it evolves and eventually becomes a complete product. The great soundtrack, at times even too good to completely concentrate on the match going on beside it; the good variety of weapons and levels; and the funny shenanigans make this game really enjoyable. Duck Game is easy to pick up, but hard to put down, as it tends to become addictive. If the development team continue to be as active as they managed to be in the past, and if they keep pouring their heart and soul into this project, it is possible for Duck Game to become a new couch-gaming classic and revitalize a genre which, sadly, is slowly disappearing to make place for more competitive online battles. The game will be available on Steam starting June 4th, albeit pricing details are yet to be released.

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