Dying Light - The Following

Dying Light: The Following looks fun as hell. Take the successful base game of Dying Light, craft atop it a large-scale expansion, and throw in customizable buggies to further decimate your undead foes – it’s a recipe for success, right?

Techland put out a new trailer today for the upcoming Dying Light expansion, The Following. Within it, the developer does their best Xzibit impression and pimps the hell out of their in-game buggies. The “Weaponize Your Ride” trailer shows how deep the buggy modification engine runs. There are three main categories of customization: customize, modify and upgrade.

Within the customize section players will be able to tweak the visual aspects of their zombie-mobile. You can implement your paint job of choice and also unlock bobbleheads and charms to accessorize your buggy with here. The modify portion of the menu equates to the heart and soul of your ride. You can improve various aspects and parts, checkout your stats, and just get a general feel for where your ride ranks in Dying Light.

The upgrade suite is where the goods are. It is here that you can incorporate all new aspects to your vehicle. Install a car alarm to attract zombies, and double down on that alarm to purchase an electric cage that will shock all of those undead that come running. I don’t want to spoil all the surprises, some of which you can see in the trailer below, but just know that Dying Light has some fun in store for us when The Following drops on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in February.

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