With Doom’s single-player finally unveiled at Bethesda’s first conference event at E3, the first game on their showcase happened to be Doom…and oh, how glorious it was.

The single-player content they showed off was pretty interesting, showing off some fast moving and powerful gun-play, showcasing weapons from the double-barreled shotgun to the chainsaw.

The new gameplay elements in this Doom game showed off thing like executions which allow you to dismember and brutalize your enemies. At first glance it seems pointless, but at closer looks it seems that executing enemies seems to give you an opportunity to get health from your enemies, so it doesn’t seem useless, however at this point, it’s not really confirmed if this is the case.

The weapons also were pretty good, the shotguns look very powerful and are capable of blasting enemies into bloody gibs, which is nice. However certain weapons like the plasma rifle, look very lackluster.

The gameplay showcase also showed two levels, the space station, as well as Hell itself, showcasing classic enemies

The enemy showcase, for those who are veteran like the fireball throwing Imp, the missile firing Revenant, fireball cannon armed Macubus, and finally the massive Cyber Demon!

Overall, the showcase was pretty impressive. While we have yet to see more, the gameplay seems to be shaping up really well.

The game is set to release next Spring of 2016 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

We will release more news about the game as it develops.

To leave off here is some footage of the gameplay.


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