EA has just announced a new IP during it’s E3 press conference; Unravel. Being made by Swedish developer Coldwood Interactive, Unravel is an adorable puzzle platformer starring Yarny a small creature made up entirely of yarn.

The trailer compromised of Yarny traversing a myriad of environments from sliding down snow in a log toboggan to being crushed by a car and exploring an apple tree. The tools at Yarny’s disposal were limited to a yarn string which could be used to latch onto cerain enviromental points; in order to swing across gaps, fly on kites or even attach it to a fish and pull him along.

While the character desing and levels gave of a very cutesy tone, the sombre music gave the game a hint of melancholy and sadness.

Check out the official trailer below:

While no release date or platforms were given, stay tuned to Victory Point for all the latest from Unravel and the rest of the E3 conference.

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