Just as EA’s conference is about to start, EA Sports has published a gameplay trailer for the upcoming FIFA 16. Narrated by Pele, arguably one of the best footballers of 20th century, it shows off both male and female stars of world’s most popular sport, Football. No in-depth details has been announced as of yet.

Update: FIFA 16, will be the most accessible game in the history of the franchise. EA Sports, has just announced that for the first time, FIFA 16 will feature ‘contextual feedback’. FIFA’s newest feature will allow players new to the franchise to learn as they play. On screen prompts will constantly instruct them what button to press, or which analog to tilt, in order to be most efficient.

EA has also stated, that this year they’ve completely reinvented FIFA. Witch addition of confident defending, moments of magic, and last but not least control in midfield, EA is looking to infuse the game with another does of realism, to improve the ‘best’ footballing experience available, even more.

Also, if you are already an owner of FIFA 15 on any platform, a card available on loan for five matches will be awaiting for you. Owners of PlayStation will be awarded Lionel Messi, and Xbox owners will have a chance to try, the man, the legend, Pelle.