EA, has just revealed first, in detail presentation of the newest iteration of the Need For Speed franchise. Prior to the official conference announcement, EA has already teased the level of customization that is going to be available within the game.



This picture suggests, that players will be able to customize even the most smallest detail of their vehicle, as color of both the rims, and brake pads can be adjusted.

The level of customization teased return of the series to its 21st century roots. Essentially, back to its glory days when games such as Need For Speed Underground 2, Most Wanted, and Carbon were some of the best of their genre. And, just seconds ago, EA has confirmed that this is definitely the case.

Set in an urban environment, new Ned For Speed resembles, and is confirmed to be just like the games that have been mentioned before. Developer underlined, that the series is officially returning to its roots. However, new, much more cinematic camera has been implemented to add to the visual spectacle, on trailer it looked great, but in order to give a final verdict, we’ll have to wait for the game to be released.

Game is set to be released on 3rd of November, this year, and so far it looks spectacular. However, it is important to remember that a lot may change between now, and the game’s release. And the final product may not look as good as the one advertised during E3.