DICE has confirmed that Faith won’t be using guns in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

This is an awesome thing to hear. The worst part of the original Mirror’s Edge was the gunplay. It felt awkward and clunky. While it wasn’t mandatory to use them, whenever you would disarm a soldier, their gun would pop into your hands.

Now, when Faith disarms an enemy soldier, his gun goes on the ground and stays there. When asked why Mirror’s Edge is ditching ballistic encounters, DICE General Manager Patrick Bach said, “I think it’s a statement.”

Bach went on to explain that, “We have a game that is about a character that doesn’t use guns, period. I guess it’s part of sticking to the creative vision, because it’s so easy to fall back on adding a gun, because we know that works in a way that takes us to a place where we don’t want to be. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is about navigation, the freedom of traversing the city.”

The first gameplay trailer for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst was shown during EA’s E3 2015 press conference.