So today during Ubisoft’s Press conference, they showed off a new Multiplayer Team based Hack and Slash game For Honor, which seems to be a 3rd person take on Chivalry Medieval Warfare.

The gameplay demo showcased more slower and methodical combat, waiting for proper times to counter your opponents, dodging attacks, and charging your opponent to throw them off guard to land the perfect strike.

Combat is definitely lethal in that it won’t take too many hits to kill your opponent or vise versa. There also seems to be executions in the game, whether it’s contextual or not isn’t clear.

Overall the game looks interesting, and if you are at E3, the game will be available to play on the show floor.

Unfortunately they haven’t given a release window for the game, but we will keep up to date on the news as it develops.

To leave off here is some game play from the game itself.


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