Gears of War 4

So it is official! Epic Games and Microsoft have finally announced Gears of War 4 for the Xbox One!

Today they released a 6 minute gameplay demo showing off the new game, and in the demo there appears to be two totally new characters, a guy and a girl COG soldier, who’s names have not been unveiled yet. It’s also not clear whether these will be the only characters in the game, but so far it seems to be the case.

In the gameplay demo, the COG soldiers are walking through what seems to be an abandoned castle giving a very horror vibe throughout the demo, the COG soldiers bantering back and forth throughout the demo.

Eventually they finally ending up meeting up with some monsters, which seem totally new, and unrelated from the Locust hordes or the Lambent from previous Gears titles, however it is possible they may be Locust based monsters.

The tone of the game, like I mentioned earlier, seem to have a more survival horror vibe than usual. While the first Gears of War did flirt with horror a bit in the first game, it wasn’t completely a horror game. It makes one wonder if that i gonna be the case for the whole game. Well I guess we’ll find out as more news and details emerge about the game.

According to the trailer, Gears of War 4 is set for a holiday release for next year (2016).

Anyways, to leave off, here is the official gameplay trailer for Gears 4.


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