A chunk of info about Gears of War Remastered (our name, not Microsoft’s), the rumored high-definition remake of the original 2006 game, was briefly available on the game’s website, reportedly detailing a list of new additions for the Xbox One title.

In the list, which was Google translated by, are several new features that weren’t included in the original release. Things like 7.1 surround sound, achievements, 60 frames per second multiplayer, Team Fight and Kind of the Hill modes, 17 characters from Gears of War 3, match settings, and the 90 minutes of content that was originally only included in the PC version. And at the end of the list is a August 25, 2015 release date.

Gears of War Remastered /
Gears of War Remastered leak /

The new details line up well with some footage that was leaked last month: a video depicting a remastered-looking version of Gears of War. Microsoft of course won’t say anything just yet. The company would probably like to save the proper reveal for its press conference on Monday during E3 2015.

That said, both leaks seem to all but confirm something related to the original Gears of War is coming soon. And, instead of including the other three games, it looks like it’s going to wrap in some of the best parts about Gears of War 3 into the first installment.
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