So the new Hitman game just being titled “Hitman” which was announced yesterday during the Sony conference, finally got a gameplay trailer during the Square Enix conference.

While the gameplay trailer didn’t really give much details of what to expect, and because most of the gameplay was not a live demo, what we do know is that it seems that the game will take cues from the receptively mixed Hitman: Absolution, things such as the disguise mechanics from Absolution, where if you aren’t careful, enemies will become suspicious of you and will eventually blow your cover. However in the trailer, it did show that certain people may not blow your cover right away just because they get suspicious of you, however depending on who is suspicious of your uniform they may have a better chance at seeing through your disguise more than other enemies, as in the trailer, Agent 47 was patted down by a guard before letting him through, whereas a higher ranked security officer was immediately suspicious and wouldn’t let him through no matter what.

The trailer also mentions that unlike Absolution, you will also have the ability to select what items you bring with you before any mission starts, allowing you to pick and choose how you want the complete the job, and it was also mentioned that the contracts mode has been improved, but what exactly hasn’t been made clear just yet.

Anyways you can view the gameplay trailer for yourself down below, and we will keep you update as more news arrives.



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