So during the announcement of Just Dance 2016 and it’s…questionable unveiling of this game. It’s been announced with next year’s Just Dance will feature a Streaming Service which will allow to stream a constant flow of songs, and allow for new songs to constantly be updated for use in the game.

Which for those who want to play this new Just Dance, will be good news. According to Ubisoft however they stated that this streaming service will be available through a subscription model. They didn’t state how much the subscription would be, and what the monthly cost would be…but then again, they didn’t show off or talk about the ACTUAL game at all for there to be enough info on this upcoming title.

Aside from the awful performance from Jason De’Rulo, and the total lack of gameplay, there really isn’t much info about this game so far.

Well when more info rolls around, we will keep you guys posted.

Anyway, here’s the announcement trailer showcasing some tracks for this game, in a very Just Dance style.



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