So Just Cause 3, predictably, ended up being the first game to be shown off at Square Enix’s conference, showing some new gameplay and giving some new details regarding the game.

According to the game trailer, the main antagonist is dictator General D Ravelo, ruler of the new country you will be playing in, and Rico Rodrigo’s home, Medicii, which seems to be an obvious analogue for Italy.

While the game showed off stuff that was already present in the previous game, they did expand a little more on the games new Wingsuit mechanics, showing a bit more off that before, and even demonstrated it’s improved parachute mechanics, allowing to use two handed weapons while using the chute, and more precise aiming to better deal with enemies while in the air.

Overall the gameplay trailer is pretty impressive.

The game’s release date will be December 1st, 2015 For Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and is available for Pre-Order.


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