So today it was unveiled that Microsoft will be releasing a sequel to the online third person shooter based on the well known Plants VS. Zombies series, comes the sequel Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2.

While there was only a pre-fabbed cg trailer involving a battle between both plants and zombies, the trailer seems to hint at new features like jetpacks for the zombies, new plant types including a hovering orange, and even Mech suits for the Zombies.

It’s also hinted that the game is gonna be set in a world where the Zombies have already won the war in the previous game…which is funny to say, as a game like Plants Vs. Zombies, you think there wouldn’t be anything relevant story-wise, and most likely that will be the only thing story-wise to be brought up at all…who knows.

While details are rather lacking for this game, it’s safe to say the gameplay will stay pretty much the same as the previous game, to keep it familiar for previous players of the last game.

According to the trailer, the game is set for a Spring release for XboxOne in 2016. So if anyone is itching to get back to some garden warfare…well there you go.


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