The Sony Press conference at this years E3 was pretty solid.

The moment it started, it dropped bombs, from the long thought dead project, The Last Guardian by Team ICO, to Shenmue 3 promoting Yu Suzuki’s Kickstarter Campaign, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake being officially announced, Sony pretty much nailed this conference.

This year we got to see Sony take Microsoft’s favorite first person shooter franchise, and align themselves with Activision to release Call of Duty Black Ops III, and the game looks amazing.

Guerrilla Games got to announce a new game that is not a Killzone sequel, Horizon Zero Dawn, a new IP, and appears to be an open world post apocalyptic, adventure game where you must avoid being killed by robot monsters and fight huge beasts with your wit, agility, and weapons.

Street Fighter V, unveiled to new-old characters for it’s roster, Birdy and Cammy. 

Media Molecule got to how off Dreams, an interesting game that takes you from one moment to the next, from the snowy peaks to Antarctica, to an old man Playing a piano, allowing you to make stuff up as you go along.

And of course, who can forget Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4, with the awesome new game demo, demonstrating it’s free flow combat, with smooth gunplay, to parkour, to driving a car in an big open environment, transitioning to and from seamlessly.

Overall If I had to give my answer for who one E3 today, it would have to be Sony, as every single announcement was interesting, and great to see.

Overall a very exciting day for anyone watching E3 live.

It only makes one wonder how tomorrow will fare out, for Nintendo, Square Enix, and PC Gamer…well we’ll find out tomorrow.




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