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E3 2015: The Division Release Date and More Gameplay


At Ubisofts E3 press conference they unveiled some brand new ‘multiplayer’ footage for The Division. It showcased a feature announced earlier this year known as the ‘Dark Zone’, the games answer to PVP zones, where loot is plentiful but so are other enemy players.

The demo showed a team of four co-ordinating to combat other players, however it came with a large dose of Ubisofts cheesy fake ‘team speak’. It followed the team through multiple encounters with other players, showing that a large amount of co-ordination seemed necessary to succeed. The Dark Zones were also littered with items that you can take from the multplayer back to your single player campaign, however losing items in the Dark Zones also means you lose them in the campaign.

However the most important information came after the demo ended ; The Division will release on March 8th 2016.

You can find the E3 Trailer for The Division below:

For everything else The Division and Ubisoft, stay tuned to Victory Point