The confirmed roster for Street Fighter V has grown with the addition of both Cammy and Birdie. They join Ryu, Nash, M. Bison and Chun Li in Capcoms latest addition to the world renowned fighting franchise to bring the total confirmed roster up to six.

While the addition of Cammy is probably of little surprise to any fans of the series, with here being a staple since Super Street Fighter II, the inclusion of Birdie is of much greater note since he has been unplayable since Street Fighter III Alpha.

Both of these characters debuted with their new V-Skills and V-Triggers; mechanics brand new to SFV. During V-Trigger Birdie has the ability to become enraged and not only power up his abilities but gain super armor on them too, Cammy however is able to leave after images of herself in order to hit multiple times on special attacks.

The V-Skills on the other hand are way more impactful; with Cammy’s being her Spin Knuckle which can not only dodge projectiles but also cross up allowing you to land insane set ups into high damage combos. Birdie on the other hand is much more crazy he has the option to either: eat a donut and build V-Gauge, throw a bannana peel to trip opponents or drink a beer and throw the can as a low projectile.

These new mechanics are really shaping up to make SFV wildly different to it’s predecessor.

Check out the official trailer from the Sony E3 conference below:

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