Rainbow Six Siege Splash

Ubisoft announced the return of Terrorist Hunt as a part of the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege. Terrorist Hunt will feature four modes, playable both solo or with up to four teammates. The game will feature advance enemy AI and promises to deliver a good amount of replayability through variable objectives and different difficulty levels. Ubisoft also showcased some in-game footage from the Terrorist Hunt, highlighting how co-operation and co-ordination will be the two focal points for Rainbow Six Siege.

Additionally, Rainbow Six Siege will feature award-winning actress Angela Bassett, playing the role of director of the Rainbow Six Counter-Terrorism Unit.

Although a final release date is yet to be announced, Ubisoft unveiled that the closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege will be playable from September 24, 2015. The game is set to be published on XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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