With Bethesda wrapping up the first night of E3, there were plenty of “oohs” as there were “mehs.” With last year’s announcement of Fallout 4we’ve been crossing our fingers and toes in hopes that Bethesda would give us butterflies again. In a way, they kind of did, but that giddy feeling was touch and go.

After a bit of a delay, Bethesda started out with a bang by announcing the release of Quake Champions, resulting in an abundance of cheers from all over the world. The stunning visuals and fast-paced environment portray the new installment of Quake as one-of-a-kind — or at least we can hope. Though it wasn’t revealed to us whether or not Quake Champions would offer a single player campaign, it does look pretty awesome regardless.

During the Quakecon event in August, Bethesda promised we would be gifted with more information pertaining to Quake Champions. Until then, we can all be happy knowing Quake is still alive and kicking.

Following that exciting kick-off was The Elder Scrolls Legends. Though strategic card games don’t typically receive a ton of hype, this particular experience does appear to offer unique features. A full single player campaign will be offered along with moments where the player’s choice will reflect their outcome.

In all honesty, The Elder Scrolls Legends set more of an “alright, that’s cool” mood and didn’t quite emit the “I AM ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT” reaction, nor did the following announcement of additional Fallout 4 content.

Sure, don’t get me wrong, the majority of us adore Fallout 4, but these announcements were honestly kind of blah. Regardless, we can look forward to more downloadable content, including workshops and its final expansion Nuka World. Furthermore, Fallout Shelter is receiving an updated combat system, new characters, and is (finally) coming to PC next month.

Up next was the reveal that we were all waiting for — the Skyrim Remaster. Though predictable, the comparisons between the PS3-PS4 and the Xbox 360-Xbox One were phenomenal. The graphics are revamped entirely, creating even a more appealing open world. Not only is the world more artistically stunning, but mods will now be available on console versions. Though fairly exciting, this announcement wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone.

The special edition of Skyrim Remaster will be available this October.

The following cinematic trailer had me in a state of consistent questioning. Who is Morgan, what in the actual hell is going on, and why am I so riveted by it?

The sequel of the alien-based shooter Prey was finally announced, and quite ironically, it is simply titled Prey. The brief video we were shown told us the story of Morgan, who happens to be a test subject of some sort, aboard a space station in Talos in 2032. Naturally, something terrible transpires, and all hell breaks loose. Morgan is being hunted and his story could alter humanity forever.

Prey will be available sometime next year on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Check back with us during Quakecon in August to learn more.

The next couple of announcements put a bit of a lull in the conference, but were still significant enough to be exhibited. We can expect more Doom updates, including extra multiplayer features, three new maps, armor sets, and more. Put away your wallets, because these updates won’t cost a penny. Additionally, Unto the Evil, which is Doom’s first expansion, is releasing sometime this summer as well.

Following the minor Doom news was the Dark Brotherhood DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, which is now coming to consoles. What makes this significant is how there will be no restrictions regarding quests or alliances. Explore the world freely for the first time.

Bethesda also tuned us in to their VR experiences — Doom and Fallout 4 (2017). Because who doesn’t want to live the reality of terrifying demons and a beloved RPG?

Bethesda ended their conference predictably with Dishonored 2, the second installment to the stealth action-adventure game Dishonored. Though it was obvious that Bethesda didn’t get quite the reaction they were hoping for, we were shown some explicit gameplay revolving around its general features and mechanics. Players will have the option between two separate stories — Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attono, both characters from the original Dishonored. The multiple outcomes presented could give Dishonored 2 a high replay value.

The general idea of Dishonored 2 is fairly promising, but its unveiling was a tad on the boring side. Regardless, we can expect to experience it first-hand November 11th of this year on Xbox, PS4, and PC.

In all of its entirety, the Bethesda press conference was a bit of a rollercoaster. There were a lot of filler announcements that could’ve been left for Twitter or their blog, but rather filled the empty spots where we were hoping for more compelling information. Maybe our hopes were set too high with the guarantee we would be disappointed. Where was the declaration of The Evil Within 2 that we were all waiting for?

Maybe it’s just the hard facts that no other Bethesda E3 conference will live up to the reveal of Fallout 4 last year. Oh well. Quake Champions and Prey look decent, at least.

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