Last year Bethesda Softworks had there first E3 Press Conference. We all knew going in the primary reason why; to announce Fallout 4. It was a great conference and Fallout 4 went on sell outstandingly but it still came as rather a surprise that they decided to do another one this year. Do they really have enough in their portfolio for another great conference? Let’s take a look at what to expect from Bethesda’s E3 Conference this year.

What definitely will be there:

Dishonored 2: Arkane Studios produced one of the best stealth action games of last console generation in Dishonored. They are returning with and it has been confirmed that Bethesda will have gameplay footage at E3. We already know that the game is coming out November 11th of this year and while the original received a lot of critical praise and modest commercial success there is no doubt that Bethesda will be trying to push  to a wider audience. Expect a good section of the conference to be dedicated to this game.

What probably will be there:

Fallout 4 was a staggering success for Bethesda Softworks and as such they decided to create and release more expansions than originally planned. At the beginning of the year they announced the Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor Expansions, which have now all been released. We have no clue what’s next on the docket and I expect Bethesda will reveal the final Fallout 4 DLC as well as addressing mod support for all systems.

Elder Scrolls Legends: Bethesda has seen the success of digital trading card games like Hearthstone and they want to jump on that bandwagon using the lore of the Elder Scrolls Series. Elder Scrolls Legends was announced last E3, then delayed, and a closed beta began recently. I expect Bethesda to flush out more details about the game and try to sell it to a wider audience in the conference.

We'll see some Elder Scrolls Legends stuff, but hopefully they don't linger on deep mechanics.
We’ll see some Elder Scrolls Legends stuff, but hopefully they don’t linger on deep mechanics.

What might be there:

BattleCry: BattleCry was actually at last year’s conference, as Bethesda and BattleCry Studios announced a Beta for the free-to-play multiplayer shooter. Then last fall, Bethesda delayed the game stating that they had concerns about the project. It’s unknown what stage of production BattleCry is now at but if it’s going to come out soon and Bethesda wants it to have a chance at being successful, it has to be at E3.

Elder Scrolls Online: Believe it or not, Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is still alive and kicking with a new expansion releasing a few days ago. That being said it’s likely that Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios realizes that this game is for a niche audience and trying to market it to a broader group just won’t work. That, along with little time since the last expansion, means that we probably won’t see it at E3 but who knows, could happen.

Doom: Speaking of a something just releasing Doom has taken the internet by storm and it’s possible Bethesda will want to take advantage of this and add fuel to the fire. While I certainly expect it to be mentioned I have trouble seeing what ID Software could announce with the game only being out for a month. If they do have a segment on it, I expect it to be short, and focused on multiplayer, SnapMap and mod support.

Could we hear about new single player Doom content? It's unlikely but possible.
Could we hear about new single player Doom content? It’s unlikely but possible.

New The Evil Within: While there is no guarantee that Tango Gameworks is working on a sequel to 2014’s The Evil Within, they are working on something. And seeing as The Evil Within seemed to do pretty well commercially it seems more likely than a new IP. That being said this game was released in late 2014 so if Tango Gameworks has a new game even if it’s announced it won’t likely be out this year.

New Wolfenstein: MachineGames is in a very similar situation as Tango Gameworks above, but with the Wolfenstein Franchise. The difference is that I am almost certain their next game will be another Wolfenstein game and that Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, was actually released around this time last year. That would mean MachineGames would need a very quick turn around to release something soon. That being said I find it highly unlikely that Bethesda Softworks would have a conference with just Dishonored 2 and more Fallout 4 as headliners, so expect to see at least one of either Tango Gameworks or MachineGames’ new projects.

With the look and game mechanics mastered, how quick could we see a new Wolfenstein?
With the look and game mechanics mastered, how quick could we see a new Wolfenstein?

Mobile Game: Bethesda Game Studios opened a second location late last year in Montreal and while it’s likely they are helping with console games we also know they are working on mobile ones. After the success of Fallout Shelter I expect Bethesda to announce and launch another mobile game, to take advantage of the E3 excitement and hoopla.

What won’t be there:

Prey 2
Prey 2

Prey 2: I don’t know where the rumors of this game being at Bethesda’s conference originated, but let me just state I think that’s wishful thinking. First off at this point Prey 2 would be a sequel to a game that came out 10 years ago, and while Prey was a well liked game, I’m just not sure it’s the franchise to try and raise from the dead. Second and more importantly, in 2014 at PAX Australia the game was officially cancelled. Who would be working on it? Nope, I don’t see Prey coming back to life just yet.

Elder Scrolls Series: I know you want to hear about it and trust me I do too. Oblivion was one of my favorite games of the last generation and I loved Skyrim. But we will not be hearing about the new Elder Scrolls game this year. For the uninitiated Bethesda Game Studios makes both the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games and seeing how a Fallout game just came out, and they are still working on DLC for it, we are a long way off. I have no doubt it’s in production, just the early stages. And after seeing the success they had with announcing a releasing Fallout 4 in a short window, there is no way we hear a peep about a proper Elder Scrolls game.

Bethesda Softwork’s E3 Conference will be taking place at 8 pm PST on Sunday June 12th.

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