Although EA is technically not participating in the 2016 edition of E3, the company will be holding a two days event running from June 12 to June 14 at Club Nokia, right next door to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Players will be able to stop by and try some of the company’s upcoming games, while some private business meetings will still take place during the convention. A similar event will also be held in London on June 12. There are several games that could concretely be shown during EA‘s event this year, but some are more likely to be a part of the show than others:

What Will Definitely Be There:

Battlefield I

e3 ea 2016 battlefield 1We are completely sure that Battlefield I will be one of the titles EA is bringing to E3 2016. After the reveal trailer hit more than 36 million views and 1,7 million likes, becoming the most liked game trailer on YouTube, EA won’t be wasting this chance to fuel the hype train for the game. We can probably expect an additional trailer, a lengthy explanation of the key mechanics of the upcoming shooter and perhaps some gameplay footage. It is unlikely, though, that the game will be available for the general public to try.

TitanFall 2

e3 ea 2016 titanfall 2The short Titanfall 2 teaser trailer released last April didn’t really give us much, but promised us that a worldwide reveal would take place on June 12 during the first day of EA Play, the company’s E3-related event. So little light has been shed on this game, that even speculating upon what the reveal event will include is a rather complicated task.  All we know for certain is that Titanfall 2 will be in Los Angeles and London and that fans of the series can expect their wishes for a sequel to become true.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

e3 2016 ea mass effect andromedaWhen EA announced that Mass Effect: Andromeda would not see the light of day until 2017, they added that more information on the game would have been given during E3, so we can be pretty sure that this title will be part of the show. According to Bioware, the game is near completion but the developers need a bit more time to iron out some bugs and deliver the experience fans of the series would be expecting. Mass Effect: Andromeda is likely to be playable during E3 so if you are hitching to try it out, you should start booking your tickets.

What is Likely to Be There:

Star Wars Battlefront

e3 2016 ea star wars battlefrontAlthough reception for this title was rather lukewarm and some even dismissed it as a blatant Battlefield 4 re-skin, especially considering the rumors around a possible story-driven campaign being scraped so that the game would be ready by the time Star Wars: The Force Awakens was to come out, Star Wars Battlefront still ended up selling a decent amount of copies and is likely that EA will try to push out some more content to go with it. We can expect either a DLC or some new extravagant game modes to be announced during the show and knowing EA a sequel might be in the pipeline. It’s unlikely that we will ever see that campaign we mentioned before, but we won’t know for sure until June 12.

EA Sports Games

e3 ea 2016 ea sports

The usual EA Sports titles will most likely be announced during EA Play. Fifa 17, Madden NFL 17, NBA Live 17, and NHL 17 will each step on stage during the event, although it is unlikely that any of them will feature groundbreaking new technologies or a substantial change in gameplay. These games are likely to feature updated rosters for the various teams and slightly upgraded graphics, as EA usually does each year.

What Might Be There:

The Sims

e3 2016 ea the sims 4The Sims 4 was released back in 2014, a bare-bones title lacking most of the iconic features that turned this specific series into a success.  After two years of DLCs and Add-ons, it is possible that EA might be working on a fifth installment to the series, although no official statement about it has been released. Earlier last year EA also announced that most of the staff working at Maxis, the subsidiary company in charge of development for both The Sims and SimCity would be relocated to new offices in order to “consolidate Maxis IP development”.

New IP from Criterion Games

e3 2016 ea criterion games

Criterion Games, the company behind Burnout and some of the Need for Speed games, shared a video, back in 2014, where they clearly stated that they were working on a new IP that would be featuring cars, ATVs, and other land, water, and air vehicles. While we are yet to get an update on that, it is possible that EA will share additional information regarding this upcoming title and we could even expect a worldwide announcement to take place during EA Play.

As usual, these are only some of the titles that EA might be showcasing during E3 2016. EA Play will be taking place from June 12 to June 14 and, as we mentioned before, fans will be able to step inside and play-test some of the upcoming games. If you wish to know more about EA and E3 2016, VPDaily will be reporting all of the major news coming out of Los Angeles, so stay tuned for updates.

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