Starting with last year’s Unravel, EA is continuing to try and support independent games with it’s announcement of EA Originals. In this program they unveiled a new game called Fe made by a team of twenty people from Gothenburg. Fe is a game where you control a creature in a forest and you must defend the forest from┬áthreats while discovering its secrets. The trailer can be seen below.

While little is known about the game it looks genuinely intriguing with a focus on art, music and exploration. The developer went as far as to say that Fe will not tell you where to go or what to do, and that it is up to you to┬álearn about the world and understand its inhabitants. There are no words only sounds to communicate and we’ll have to wait and see more gameplay to get a grasp on how it works. There is no doubt though that it looks beautiful and unique, featuring shades of purple, blue, orange against black. It results in a striking effect and I cannot wait to see more of this game.

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