grow up e3 2016

Ubisoft Reflection‘s Grow Home and its little red robot were one of the best surprises the studio managed to deliver after E3 2015. When rumors about a possible sequel started to spread a few days ago, we quickly realized that something was in the pipeline. During its own E3 2016 show, Ubisoft eventually confirmed our suspicions by announcing Grow Up.

This sequel will, once again, put you in control of BUD as you try to make your way to the sky and beyond. Not much has been said about this game, but a short trailer shows BUD bouncing on mushrooms and exploiting the environment that surrounds him as he attempts to reach new heights and to explore new worlds.

It is likely, now that Grow Up has been officially confirmed, that Ubisoft will be releasing further details in the days to come. The game should be released in August 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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