Just Dance 2017 E3 2016

Every year, Ubisoft announces this particular title through extravagant choreography and small “shows within the show”.  For Just Dance 2017, the French developer and publisher decided to bring to E3 2016 a full crew of dancers,  dressed in animal costumes, who spent a good five minutes moving and dancing around the stage on the notes of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

As soon as that part was over, Aisha Tyler stepped on stage to confirm the existence of Just Dance 2017, adding that the game should be released on in October 2017 and that it will be available and playable on all platforms, including the much awaited Nintendo NX. While Aisha didn’t share any additional details regarding the soundtrack, gameplay, or the modes available in Just Dance 2017, a post on the Ubisoft Blogs gives us a small preview of what the title will be offering: “For starters, there’s Just Dance Machine, a frantic new mode that challenges you to perform different kinds of dances (including flamenco, ballet, and the cancan) to help your alien captors return home”.

The game will also introduce 40 new tracks and it seems like Ubisoft will be sharing additional information about the features of Just Dance 2017 in the near future.

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