PlayStation will once again be holding their traditional E3 2016 press conference. The show, which takes place June 13, will feature plenty of high profile games and new announcements. Here’s our guide on what to expect from the show, and what games will be present:

What Will Definitely Be There:

Horizon Zero Dawn

PlayStation E3 PredictionsHorizon Zero Dawn was Sony’s biggest first-party announcement last year, and it will likely get a lot of showtime at E3 2016. We’re excited to see how Guerrilla Games have improved this gorgeous action game, and to find out how open its world will be. This is also the developer’s first time working on something other than Killzone, which is exciting in its own right.


E3 2016 PlayStation E3 PredictionsPlayStation VR will probably be Sony’s biggest selling point at E3 2016, and RIGS looks to be their most high profile release for virtual reality. The Guerrilla Cambridge developed competitive shooter looks to turn combat into a sport, and we’re excited to learn the ins and outs of it in less than two weeks. The only question is if the title will be impressive enough to convince PlayStation 4 owners to take the leap on PSVR.

Detroit: Become Human

E3 2016 PlayStation E3 PredictionsQuantic Dream’s first PlayStation 4 title, Detroit: Become Human, was unveiled last year at Paris Games Week. It looks absolutely stunning graphically, and we’re excited to learn more about the world that the talented French studio has crafted. Expect for Detroit to be given a big spotlight on June 13, and the game to be one of Sony’s biggest titles in the back half of 2016.

The Last Guardian

PlayStation E3 PredictionsIt’s do or die for The Last Guardian. It needs to get a release date at this E3, or in an ideal is released right at the end of the conference digitally. The Team ICO developed title has been in the works since 2007, and next year would mark an entire decade in development. That’s embarrassing, and Sony needs to get this title out the door so their talented team can work on something new.

What Is Likely To Be There:

Gran Turismo Sport

One of the other first-party titles that is already announced is Gran Turismo Sport. The racing game is likely to be at E3 in some fashion, either as a playable demo or given a trailer, but it’s doubtful to be a big talking point. Sony just detailed the game last month, so most important information is already known about Polyphony Digital’s latest.

Gravity Rush 2

E3 2016 PlayStation E3 PredictionsThe only reason Gravity Rush 2 isn’t a lock for E3 is because it seems better suited to be showcased at the Tokyo Game Show later this year. The SIE Japan Studio developed title has looked stunning from the small footage we’ve been treated to so far, and Gravity Rush Remastered set the table for the sequel to be a big hit on PS4. Let’s hope it gets the push it deserves and is at E3 this year, although Sony might opt for the safer strategy.

What Might Be There:

The Last of Us 2

Even though I don’t want to see Naughty Dog go back to the series (since the first game feels like a complete standalone story), The Last of Us was too much of a success to not see a sequel. The rumor mills are spinning that the title is in the work, so don’t be surprised if we see another game is made. The bigger question is if Joel and Ellie will return, or if the sequel will focus on different characters.

Crash Bandicoot


Sony has been teasing a Crash Bandicoot revival in recent years. From easter eggs in videos to appearances in recent AAA games, there’s been a lot of talk about Naughty Dog’s famous mascot. We’re not sure what studio would be at the helm, but don’t be too surprised if the anthropomorphic character makes a return.

Just kidding. Crash Bandicoot is dead and never coming back.

This is just a small taste of what to expect from PlayStation during E3 2016. To find out more, make sure you watch the event on June 13, 2016 at 6 PM PT. Victory Point will be covering the event and reporting all of the important announcements, so stay tuned.

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