scalebound e3 2016

Platinum Game‘s upcoming title Scalebound was showcased as part of XBox show at E3 2016. Featuring colorful dragons, huge crabs and just the right amount of cheesy details (the main character is seen donning a pair of headphones and screaming that the time for games is over), this game surely seems like one we might want to keep our eyes on. In the meantime, you can check out the footage for your self here.

Scalebound is currently an XBox One and Windows 10 excluse and, according to the footage shown during the show, will be coming in 2017. Noticing how different seemingly player-controller characters were taking part in the fight, it is easy to speculate the game might actually be featuring multiplayer or co-op elements. Some more light on Scalebound is likely to be shed in the upcoming months.

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