Sea of Thieves

Rare’s latest outing under the Microsoft umbrella is a little title known as Sea of Thieves. It’s a pirate based game, as you may have guessed, in which players must work with – and against – each other in a Wind Waker styled cel-shaded world.

A group of gaming journalists were gathered together to partake in a group gameplay event. The gameplay was recorded and chopped into the trailer of sorts that we got today. Everyone seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves while playing Sea of Thieves. There were three different pirate “Crews”, each headed to a random portion of the game’s map that they chose. The Crews worked together to assemble their ship into working order so they could hit the seas. Once they met their destination, they would scour the nearby islands – until another Crew showed up to rain on their pirate party.

Cannon balls began blasting through the air, and one Crew desperately tried to provide maintenance to their dying vessel – but alas, they were sunk. It all looked like a blast. Rare and Microsoft have yet to give us any type of firm window as to when we can expect Sea of Thieves, all that we know is that they’re targeting 2016. We’ll see if we get our booty later this year, until then – here’s the E3 presentation:

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