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While we know essentially nothing in regards to Telltale’s upcoming Batman outing and Season 3 of The Walking Dead, we did know roughly when they’ll begin rolling out.

Job Stauffer, Telltale’s Head of Creative Communications, announced via his twitter that we’ll be getting Batman this Summer, while The Walking Dead Season 3 will be landing shortly after that in the fall:

Stauffer then writes “#E32016 begins in 1 week”, so I think it’s safe to assume that Telltale will be there to show off their various IPs that are beginning to stack up. We’ll likely get a good glimpse of Batman I would assume. We know next to nothing about the project, and some insight as to how exactly we’ll be interacting with Bruce Wayne’s life would be nice.

The Walking Dead on the other hand I would expect them to play a little closer to the vest. Perhaps confirm or deny whether we are still in control of Clementine, and then leave the bigger reveals until after Batman has concluded so the two project don’t have to share the limelight.

We’ll have tons of coverage for you next week as all the news begins to break. Keep checking back with to see what’s going on in this crazy business all next week.

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