trials of the blood dragon e3 2016

Among the many things that Ubisoft decided to bring to E3 2016, Trials of The Blood Dragon seems to be one of the most eccentric ones.

The colorful 80s style reveal trailer used during the event, artfully crafted to resemble a toys commercial from 30 years ago, showed how the upcoming installment in the Trials series will be a tribute to another of Ubisoft‘s extremely successful titles: the expand-alone Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

It would seems like we will be performing new tricks and overcoming new challenges in an 80s-inspired world and, at least according to the trailer itself, Trials Of The Blood Dragon might also include guns, on-foot sections, some degree of platforming, and special abilities such as using a grappling hook although this has neither been confirmed nor denied.Trials of The Blood Dragon release date was announced during the show and the game was purchasable and playable within the following five minutes.

Wanting to try out this homage to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will require you to shell out 14,99$ USD. Although the title can be bought on Steam, Trials Of The Blood Dragon, like many other Ubisoft games, will require you to log into your UPlay account in order to play.


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