Ubisoft during their conference at E3 2016, shown off  an unscripted vertical slice from their highly anticipated sequel, Watch Dogs 2.

During the trailer,  it shows off some gameplay of the games new protagonist, Marcus Holloway, a hacker for Dedsec, fighting to protect others from ‘an establishment which wishes to take away other peoples freedom’.

During the trailer, the player demonstrated the new hacking skills, demonstrating Marcus’s ability to remote control cars as well as other vehicles using his phone. The trailer also mentions the new co-op feature, allowing the player to meet with other people on the go instead of having to constantly connect to other server’s to play, which by the way can be disabled at any time.

From there, the player then accesses his in game phone to access a variety of campaign missions which can be accessed at any time, pick a mission, then go to the destination. The mission the player picked for the demo was a mission in where you are tasked to stop a group of people trying to rig ‘the election’ and cover up their tracks by either stealth, agressive tactics, or by tricking your opposition through hacking manipulation.

The player then introduces the new quad copter, which is controlled remotely, which can be used to scout areas ahead of you to get a better lay of the land. Eventually the player decides to go into the are personally to download the evidence of their activities by using stealth, using a variety of tactics during the trailer, eventually resulting in a shootout, the player using weapons as the new stun gun, the new melee weapon ‘the tunder ball’ a rubber ball attached to some rope to knock out some enemies, and so on.

The trailer ends with Marcus running away with the data to give to his buddy Wrench, so he can expose their activities to the public.

Overall, the gameplay seems rather impressive, but, I’ll leave that to your discretion.

It was also noted during the conference that Watch Dogs 2‘s dlc will be released 30 days before any other platform on PS4, so if you are a PS4 owner, you get first dibbs.

Anyways, you can check out both trailers released today down below for you to watch:

Hack Everything Trailer:

DedSec Invasion gameplay:

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