Ubisoft during their conference at E3 2016, confirmed that their new hack ‘n slash war game For Honor will feature a single player campaign, and apparently not just one campaign, but several as according to the gameplay trailer it shows off a piece of the Viking Campaign, a mission in where the vikings are invading the land of the rising sun, Japan, to fight the Samurai faction which was shown during the trailer.

During the gameplay trailer, the player assumes the role of an axe wielding Viking, fighting off hordes of samurai, eventually ending off with a tense battle with a Samurai Veteran Warrior.

Down below, is the cinematic trailer for For Honor as well as the official single player portion of the viking campaign.

There is also an alpha you can sign up for, which you can do right here.

So for those salivating for some more For Honor gameplay footage, get on it by checking it out down below.

Campaign Cinematic:

Viking Campaign Gameplay:

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