Xbox Live E3 2016

One of the biggest announcement made by Microsoft at E3 2016 is that Xbox Live will be receiving a massive update in the upcoming months, bringing several new features to the platform in an effort by Microsoft and Xbox to deliver a better service that is more oriented toward the user.

The update will introduce both social and aesthetic new features. Among those, Xbox Live will support background music and you will be able to use Cortana, just as you would from your PC. You will also be able to interact with other players in a variety of new ways.

Xbox Live will let you create Clubs: groups of people that share a common interest or play the same game, find someone to play with thanks to the “Looking for Group” function, and join tournaments thanks to the Arena: a platform on which publishers will be able to organize, publicize, and run competitive events. Among the others, it was announced that EA will be bringing FIFA tournaments to the Arena.



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