Battlefield 1

We’re not far from the release of EA’s seemingly reboot of the Battlefield franchise. Everything up until now has looked quite solid, and today’s Single Player Trailer for Battlefield 1 is no exception.

“Promise Me, That You’ll Get Me Back in One Piece…”

The sheer range of and scope of this game is something that merits awe. From aerial battles to riding horseback. Heavy artillery battles to close-quarters combat. The horror of war mixed in with an apparent love story. It looks like Battlefield 1 is really going to try to deliver it all. The Single Player Trailer dropped by EA today promises that the game’s core narrative isn’t just something tacked on. No, it looks like it may be poised to deliver a truly immersive story to back a damn solid shooter.

Outside of the intriguing plot details behind the game, the visuals just continues to look gorgeous as hell. This game is pretty, and with so much action going on in single frame, you have to hope that EA and DICE won’t have any issues getting it all processed. Battlefield 1 is just a mere three weeks away at this point. We’ll see if it all comes together on October 21st.

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