Nothing out of the ordinary from Electronic Arts, however, as the document states not all titles planned for the upcoming fiscal year are listed on the info-graphic

Recently Electronic Arts have released an info-graphic outlining their upcoming releases for the upcoming financial year.  During the second quarter, EA is aiming to release majority of their flagship titles. With EA Sports at the forefront of the industry’s colossus, we’ll receive FIFA 16, MADDEN 16, NHL 16, and last but not least Rory McIilroy PGA Tour between the 1st of July, and 30th of September. Fans of Golf and American Football will most likely be able to enjoy their games first, as Rory McIlroy PGA Tour is to be released on 14th of July, and MADDEN 16 will be released by the end of August just like the previous iteration of the series. FIFA 16, and NHL 16 should follow soon after, as both are expected to be released by the last week of September at the latest.


Third Quarter of the financial year will host creations of EA Tiburon and EA Dice. Both, NBA LIVE 2016 and Star Wars Battlefront are to be released between 1st of October and 31st of December, however, the release of Star Wars: Battlefront seems to be set in stone as the publisher has recently announced that the game will be released on 17th of November. Beside the two announced titles lingers a new Need For Speed game. At the current time nothing is known about the game, however we’re expecting to hear more about it during EA’s press conference at E3.


Fourth and final quarter will witness a launch of new Mirror’s Edge which is currently being developed by EA Dice, and a new previously unannounced Plants vs. Zombies game. Both titles will be released between the 1st of January and 31 st of March. New Mirror’s Edge is expected to be released at the very end of the fiscal quarter, as EA representative has stated that the game will be released during the spring, we assume that it will be released similarly to Battlefield Hardline during the last week of March,


The list published by EA only features nine titlesis  in its entirety, but surely they still have some cards up their sleeves. With $4.5 billion revenue for the last fiscal year, the investors will surely push the charge even further this time round. Recently the company has recorded a 172% increase in current gen sales, of which 67% is directly related to digital distribution, and currently the company is more successful than ever before.