Evolution Studios has both announced and released a new game called Driveclub Bikes. Driveclub Bikes is a standalone game meaning that you don’t need to own Driveclub to play this game. It features 12 new superbikes and over 70 different tracks from the original Driveclub game. Although this is a standalone title it will also be tied into the rest rest of the Driveclub ecosystem if you own the full version. There will also be another platinum trophy for collectors out there. Driveclub Bikes costs $19.99 USD but if you already own Driveclub you can can it for $14.99.

Here’s the trailer from Sony’s Paris Games Week Conference.

After a disastrous launch Driveclub has actually been a success surpassing a million units sold. This standalone game will surely attract the current fanbase and may bring more new people to the platform.

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