Turtle Rock Studios has announced that the latest update for their monster hunting title, Evolve, is now live. The new update features most prominently the Behemoth Monster. This rock-like creature features several unique new abilities. Amongst them are the Lava Bomb, Rock Wall, Fissure, and Tongue Grab. Turtle Rock recommends you “roll over your enemies with his movement ability and crush them with your sheer size.” Good to know!

Also released today are 4 new hunters: Slim (Medic), Sunny (Support), Crow (Trapper) and Torvald (Assault). Each of which comes with their own unique load-outs to separate themselves from the rest of their hunter friends. You can get a detailed description of each on Turtle Rock’s Evolve blog here.

The new Observer Tool goes live today as well. This new feature allows players to easily control their own livestream events of Evolve in action. And without the need for “thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment” as Turtle Rock likes to tout.

Additionally available today are two free maps: Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry. Turtle Rock describes them the former as a “mining caves below the planet’s surface” and the latter as “a fully industrial setting that has you sprinting down factory corridors.” You can check out the new maps, the Behemoth, and Evolve’s 4 new hunters in the just released trailer below. The Behemoth will set gamers back $14.99 while the hunters are each $7.49. All of which are now live. Happy hunting.

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