Fast Racing Neo

If you’ve been following Fast Racing Neo at all, you know it’s quite easy to compare the upcoming racer to F-Zero. The speed, the vehicles, the courses, the Nintendo exclusivity – it’s clear where developer Shin’en pulled inspiration from. And seeing as how we’ve been waiting over a decade for a new entry in the F-Zero franchise, we’re fine with that.

Well, those of you excited for Fast Racing Neo can take delight in the news Shin’en dropped today. Fast Racing Neo will be available to download via the Nintendo eShop on Wii U December 10th. And for the awesomely low price of $14.99.

Back to the F-Zero discussion, though. If you look closely at the list of the game’s drivers in the above Twitter image, you might catch a nice little homage to the franchise.  One of the driver’s name is Fulcon Capital. Flip it and you get Capital Fulcon, which is too similar to Captain Falcon to be coincidence. But a fun touch nonetheless.

Fast Racing Neo - Fulcon Capital
Fulcon Capital. Capital Fulcon. Captain Falcon?

Below is a trailer for Fast Racing Neo from PAX back in August. If you haven’t seen any footage of the game yet, take a look. It appears to be quite good. We’ll see on December 10th.

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