Fallout 4

It’s short, but it’s sweet. The new Fallout 4 trailer from Bethesda takes us through a live-action version of the world we’ll all be adventuring through come November.

“The Wanderer” is the title, presumably because of the Dion DiMucci song in the background – and because it fits so aptly for the style and era of Fallout 4. The trailer is only a minute, but we get a few sweet shots.

It starts off within an innocent suburb before the entire area is immediately vanquished by nuclear fallout. We cut to a shot of a Vault door opening and our hero emerges, accompanied by only his rifle and German Shepherd companion.

You can see Radroaches scurrying about in one shot, Super Mutants attacking our hero and his dog in another. Then, we finally get the money shot – the Power Armor. Our ambiguous protagonist steps in, suits up, and you can tell his adventure is truly set to begin…

Fallout 4 Power Armor
The Power Armor.

There isn’t much of a wait left until your Fallout 4 adventure begins. The game hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 10th.

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