Fallout 4 patch items

Fallout 4 1.4 Patch was made available earlier today, as a Beta Update, to all Steam users. The patch includes general stability and performance improvements along with various fixes for some of the game’s missions and features. The 1.4 Update will also allow Fallout 4 to support add-on content and comes with additional in-game files.

While the modding community continues to grow around what is arguably Bethesda‘s biggest success as of 2016 and a steady stream of content and add-ons keep coming out on a daily basis, the company decided to produce some new in-game items of their own. The patch includes a variety of new props for your settlements such as Super Mutant and Raider clutter, new paintings, more metal and wooden doors and a collection of new signs. Some instances of disappearing NPCs, misplaced furniture and items, uncooperative companions, and some general problems which would show up when loading or saving a game-file have also been addressed in this patch. A full changelog can be found on Bethesda’s Website here.

Players wanting to experience this patch first-hand will have to activate the Fallout 4 Beta Updates Program. This can be done by going into your Steam Library, right clicking on Fallout 4, selecting settings>Betas and activating the Beta Updates from the drop-down menu. Once this is done, the game should automatically update and will appear as Fallout 4 [Beta]. According to a post on Bethesda’s Forums, the patch should be available on PC, XBOX One and PlayStation 4 once the Beta period is over but no specific window for its release has been defined yet.

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