Fallout 4 - Wasteland Workshop

With the Fallout 4 DLC pack “Automatron” now in players’ hands, Bethesda is ready to move onto phase 2. The next content drop will be entitled “Wasteland Workshop”, and includes quite a hefty array of new options for would be settlers.

Bethesda describes “Wasteland Workshop” as a playground where you can “design and set cages to capture live creatures – from raiders to Deathclaws!” In the below trailer, we see our character capturing said Deathclaws and putting them in a pit for epic arena battles like within the Roman Coliseum long ago. And if you aren’t into catching and battling Deathclaws, you can just trap a cute little kitten to make your own instead.

Fallout 4 - Cat
Here, kitty kitty kitty…

The new content also gives us “a suite of new design options for your settlements like nixie tube lighting, letter kits, taxidermy and more!” The taxidermy is a bit strange, adorning your settlement’s walls with decapitated monsters from the wastelands. But the nixie tube lighting is certainly a fun way to put a unique spin on your new home.

After you’re done sprucing up the joint, you may find that bandits and raiders are envious of your new digs and want to evict you via a cold, torturous death. Luckily in “Wasteland Workshop”, new security deterrents can be implemented to stop just that from happening. Those raiders will be in for a rude awakening when a buzz saw comes at them from within the walls. Or even better yet – checkout the look on their face when the spikes within the floor impale them! Classic!

“Wasteland Workshop” is available for Fallout 4 April 12th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Stay safe out there!

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