Two heroic Star Wars fans are hoping to put us right in the middle of the franchise. Utilizing the Oculus Rift, Rob McLellan and Craig Siff are hoping to make some of our favorite Star Wars moments come to life. They, appropriately, call it Star Wars VR.

With McLellan as the Creative Director and Siff as Lead Artist, the duo have spent just two weeks putting together iconic Star Wars moments into a playable format utilizing Oculus Rift. Their video demo, which we’ve placed below, was rendered using Unreal Engine 4. The Star Wars VR clip was also put together with the help of folks over at HammerheadVR Studios.

Star Wars VR looks fantastic considering it was done in just two weeks. The trailer is peppered with significant moments from the original trilogy: Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker’s first encounter, speeder bikes flying through the trees of Endor, the X-Wing attack run on the Death Star, the Battle of Hoth – both in and out of the cockpit. It’s a Star Wars Fanboy dream sequence.

“I just wanted to do something that felt like you were in the film.”

Let’s reiterate though that this is entirely a fan project. LucasArts and Disney have nothing to do with this. As such, you better watch the below clip while you can – it’s entirely likely a cease and desist is forthcoming.

McLellan stated that he “just wanted to do something that felt like you were in the film. We still have some work to go, but excited by the potential of it all.” His plan is hopefully have a playable demo of the Star Wars VR project before the Oculus Rift officially ships. Let’s hope the force remains strong with this one.

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