pokemon uranium

After nine years of tedious hardwork, a dedicated team of Pokémon fans have constructed their own adventure — Pokémon Uranium. This fan-made RPG takes place in the tropical region of Tandor where trainers will battle against triumphant gym leaders and collect their rightful badges. Additionally, a menacing group is triggering nuclear meltdowns, causing a new class of Pokémon to come to light: the Nuclear type. Pretty awesome, right?

Not only is Pokémon Uranium completely fan-made, but the team also incorporated their own Pokémon creations into the game. Introducing nearly 200 new Pokémon (including their evolutions), Pokémon Uranium ought to be quite the escapade. Hell, Pokémon fans can even experience Tandor in its entirety for free.

That’s right, folks. Put away your wallets.

All you need is running computer and a love for Pokémon. It’s time to catch ’em all.
Take a gander below at the official trailer to get a better visual on everything Pokémon Uranium has to offer.

Source: Pokémon Uranium 

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