Far Cry Primal

Ubisoft was teasing something on their YouTube page for the last couple days. It was a vague cave painting that slowly panned back to reveal more prehistoric wall art. Many assumed it was a tease for a new Far Cry entry. Many were right.

Far Cry Primal, development by Ubisoft Montréal in collaboration with Ubisoft Toronto, is the name of the series’ next entry. And Ubisoft already has a release date pegged too: February 23, 2016. In their press released, Ubisoft describes Far Cry Primal as “a full-fledged single player experience that will take gamers to 10,000 BC in history to a time when massive beasts like the woolly mammoth and sabretoothed tiger ruled the Earth.” Here is the title’s full description:

“Gamers play as TAKKAR, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of his hunting group. Arriving in the majestic and savage land of Oros, players will pursue one single goal; survive in a world where humans are the prey. They will meet a cast of memorable characters who will help them push back and tame the dangers of the wild. Players will journey as the first human to tame the wilderness and rise above extinction.  Along the way, they will have to hunt for food, master fire, fend off fierce predators, craft weapons and tools partly from the bones of slain beasts and face off against other tribes to conquer Oros.”

Ubisoft released a full trailer with the reveal of Far Cry Primal. Check it out below to get your first glimpse of Far Cry style human vs. wooly mammoth vs. sabretoothed tiger action.

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