During our hands on time with Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft confirmed that the upcoming installment won’t feature multiplayer, co-op, or post release downloadable content.  Far Cry Blood Dragon was the last time the series decided to not feature co-op.

Community manager Jason Paradise confirmed on the game’s Steam forum stating , ” we are focusing entirely on creating the best possible Far Cry experience for our fans. Bringing the Stone Age to life and providing players with a strong gameplay experience based off of the Far Cry legacy meant we had to reinvent our core gameplay loop. This was definitely not a small undertaking. Our focus was on delivering this fantasy which required clear priorities for the team. Therefore, in the early stages of the project, we made the difficult choice of focusing our efforts on the single player experience.”

Recently we got the chance to talk with Paola Jouyaux, the associate producer on Far Cry Primal. Jouyaux talks about the crafting a Far Cry experience in the Stone Age, and the decision to not include co-op or multiplayer.


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