Farming SImulator 17

Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive, the companies behind the Farming Simulator series, announced today in a statement that the group is currently working on Farming Simulator 17. The title is set to be released by the end of 2016  and will be playable on both PC and consoles.

“Each time we release a new version together we reach more people, and we look forward to expanding this reach even further in the coming years.” said Tomas Frey – Giants Software’s Vice President – referring to the efforts the two companies have been putting into the Farming Simulator series over the years. Cédric Lagarrigue commented for Focus Home Interactive, adding that “there are still a lot of beautiful pages to write for Farming Simulator, and it starts right now with the simultaneous release of the game on PC and consoles at the end of the year.”

There was no mention of the features and characteristics Farming Simulator 17 will sport but Focus Home Interactive announced that more information on the topic will be given when the game is introduced for the first time during the What’s Next of Focus Home Interactive press event in Paris, so keep tuned for updates.



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