The cultural criticism web channel Feminist Frequency takes a look at the excuses game studios have given when they don’t include female playable characters to ask the question: are women too hard to animate?

Spoiler: They’re Not  

The episode’s title focuses on Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Unity was criticized for lacking any playable women. She also picks apart the defense that bringing making women a playable character would promote violence against women.

“Whenever female combatants are dressed in sexual attire, it sets them noticeably apart from other enemy units. It’s intended to make the players’ encounters with them sexually titillating, and that’s particularly troubling when players’ encounters often involve fighting and killing those characters. Violence against female characters should never be presented as ‘sexy,'” Sarkeesian said. “The way for games to handle female combatants is not to present them as sexualized treats for the player. Rather, it’s to present them simply as combatants who happen to be women fighting alongside their male counterparts on equal footing.”

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