Green Lava Studios’ masocore platformer Fenix Rage made waves last year when it released on PC. The deceptively difficult game will be looking to make a similar splash on consoles when it releases later this holiday season, but will have to do so under a different name. The game’s new name for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hasn’t yet been revealed, but is expected to be announced soon.

The reason for the name change is due to another video game company owning the copyright for the name “Rage.” While Green Lava Studios did not go into details when announcing the news via press release, it would seem likely that Bethesda Softworks would be the unnamed company. Bethesda Softworks put out the id Software developed first-person shooter Rage in 2011.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Bethesda has been involved in a name-related lawsuit, as the publisher went after Minecraft developer Mojang over the name Scrolls. Bethesda argued that Scrolls would cause confusion towards their own Elder Scrolls series of games. The two sides later reached a settlement which allowed Scrolls to release under its original name.

Unlike Mojang, the three-man development team at Green Lava Studios won’t be dealing with the legal headache, and will instead change the name of Fenix Rage. The yet to be named console version will come with new play modes, features and gameplay tweaks. Green Lava Studios says that gameplay changes were made “based on all the great feedback from players.”

While it’s unfortunate that Green Lava Studios will have to change the name of Fenix Rage, these copyright battles are not uncommon. Hopefully the high quality of the game will be able to keep buzz for the game alive, despite the lack of branding.

We’ll have more on the game formerly known as Fenix Rage as its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release approaches later this holiday season.

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