EA Sports has just released a new trailer presenting the brand new FIFA 16 mode, FIFA Ultimate Team Draft. Trailer features Liverpool’s retired Jamie Carragher, and Manchester United’s Gary Neville, who are both also known for their Barclay’s Premier League coverage at Sky Football.

The mode itself just like the Ultimate Team fully depends on player cards. However, in this instance you are only able to pick one player out of the five available for each on pitch position, as it is impossible to source players from your own club. Team creation starts with a choice of formation, which is also limited to five options. By doing so, EA is trying to encourage players to try different formation they wouldn’t have tried otherwise, as all five are random and it is very likely that your formation of choice will not be available. And same goes for the players, as each set of five digital footballers is generateD at random, and is designed to make players chose between a higher rating and the optimal chemistry.


FIFA Ultimate Team Draft will only be accessible for those who are willing to pay the 15k coins/300 FIFA Points entry fee. However, such is returned if player suffers a defeat at the first stage, and increases considerably with each victory.

Teams created within FIFA Ultimate Team Draft are to be used to compete  online or offline  in four match competitions. Each victory, either online of offline, will grant you with a reward which may include coins and packs which can be used within the core FIFA Ultimate Team experience. More on FIFA 16 will surely be revealed during EA’s Gamescom press conference.