Firaxis Games is releasing XCOM 2 this November.

Firaxis Games will release a full sequel to the 2013 turn-based strategy game this year on PC, with Mac and Linux versions coming from a separate studio.

The game will continue the alien vs. human conflict with the XCOM soldiers attempting to invade a subjugated Earth. Your squad will have access to new class types, customization, and combat techniques. And the aliens will have some advancements too.

Firaxis XCOM 2

The first, CGI trailer shows some XCOM units fighting back against the Advent Administration (see: aliens), which you might recognize from 2K’s mysterious teaser website that appeared last week. Clearly, the general populace don’t recognize the snake-man, so it’ll be the XCOM group that’s invading relatively peaceful situations. Firaxis calls it a role reversal and that sounds like a good way to describe it. Hopefully that will play a bit into XCOM 2’s story.

Which is another interesting mystery, since the last game was all about uniting countries to stop the alien threat. With XCOM alone, what will the progression look like? Firaxis only says XCOM 2 will be about building a “resistance network” and saving humanity from the alien organization.

Firaxis didn’t say if XCOM 2 has multiplayer or not. XCOM: Enemy Unknown did, but it wasn’t a popular way to play it. All of its recent games have had it in the past though, so it won’t be surprising if XCOM 2 ends up featuring it anyway.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was the first of the long-running series to appear on consoles alongside PC. Curiously, the developer hasn’t said whether or not XCOM 2 will make it to current hardware, but it seems likely to happen at some point in the future. At least the version we’re getting this year for sure will have a deeper level of mod support than the previous game.

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